These are our four key delivery elements which cross over to provide totally inclusive support packages. These are:


Our learning and skills project provides equal access to non-accredited and accredited training opportunities enabling individual to develop their skills and knowledge which will allow them to make future career choices…Read More


Our Employment and Enterprise Project raises the aspirations of individuals by exploring and developing their skills through.  Appropriate opportunities such as specialty training, work placements, volunteering and self employment workshops enable individuals to make informed career choices regarding their employment goals… Read More 


We all have a sense of when we feel mentally and physically well. But sometimes we need extra support or a gentle nudge to look after ourselves so that we keep well. By adopting the five ways to wellbeing, you can increase your life expectancy by 7.5 years… Read More



Our Community project provides a positive environment of guidance and support, helping individuals to engage within all aspects of their community. We provide support to identify hobbies and interests in their local area, for example; supporting individuals to enrol at their local library, participate in voluntary work, access social groups, attend leisure centres and social activities… Read More