Why be Disability Confident?

All businesses have a social responsibility to provide employment opportunities for disabled people and those with long term health conditions.

Employers need to value the importance of employing disabled talent and investing in a workforce that reflects its community. We need to take pride in becoming Disability Confident Employers and be accountable to ensure we really do live up to this commitment.

We are all responsible in making an impact of transforming the workplace and breaking down the barriers to employment that disabled people face.

As disability increases in prevalence with age, employers who imbed this approach in their workplace place will ensure they attract, recruit and retain an inclusive workforce.

We can all make a difference, pledging to give back to our communities by actively offering work experiences, placements and employment opportunities to disabled people and those with long term health conditions.

-Emma O’Connor, Access Ability Managing Director

Don’t delay, make a start today!

Signing up can provide you with the confidence, skills and tools you need to help you recruit and retain disabled staff as they progress in their careers.

The benefits for your organisation:

  • Enabling you to draw from the widest possible pool of talent.
  • Helping you to secure high quality staff who are skilled, loyal and hard working.
  • Improve employee morale and commitment by demonstrating that you treat all employees fairly.

By becoming Disability Confident you’ll be helping change the attitudes for the better in your organisation, your networks and communities.

Being Disability Confident could help you discover someone your business just can’t do without.

Whether an employee has become disabled during their working life, or you’re looking for new recruits, being Disability Confident can help your people fulfil their potential and contribute fully to your team’s success.