Access Ability are committed to offering support to allow people to achieve their full potential. We offer a range of services for both employers and individuals.

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If you’re looking for work/training, currently in employment or require information and/or support with any disability or health related issues see how we can help you… Find Out More

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We have a variety of projects currently running, from work and skills related to social and health and wellbeing… Find Out More

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Become a Volunteer

If you’re looking to gain skills, add to your CV and improve your health and wellbeing Access Ability have volunteer opportunities available… Find Out More

Changing Lives

Read about the people we’ve worked with, their stories and how they’ve moved forward in life and work… Find Out More

• Emotional Support Service

Our Emotional Support Service allows people access to 1:1 support with our on site Counsellor, in a safe, neutral environment… Find out more

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• Employing a Person with a Disability

Supporting Employers to develop a workplace that is inclusive for all and nurtures individuals to thrive… Find out more

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• Disabled Talent

Finding the best people is essential to succeeding in business. Over half of all workplaces are missing out by excluding disabled talent… Find out more

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• In Work Support

When employing a person with a disability or long term health condition, some simple changes or additional support will enable individuals to work effectively…Find out more

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• Disability Training

We provide a range of Disability and Mental Health Training courses, which provide an opportunity for employers to enable staff to develop new skills and create a more inclusive workplace… Find out more

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• Wellbeing in the Workplace

Stress, anxiety and depression are the biggest cause of sickness absence in our society. Mental ill health is responsible for 91 million working days lost every year. Our training courses teach people to spot the symptoms of mental health issues, offer initial help and guide a person towards support…
Find out more