More Testimonials

BSL Foundation

“I will be able to help and have a conversation with someone who can’t hear. I would like to have the opportunity to do the BSL L1 to increase me knowledge”

“I will be practicing at home, so that I don’t lose the knowledge gained. I have informed my companies HR department so hopefully we will get to learn more soon, It was that good!”

“I wished the course could have been longer – love it!”

“I will be able to communicate better with a deaf person and their family I am working with. It will also prove useful in the line of work I want as a career (social work)”


“This training has given me a better understanding of how to communicate with someone who is deaf and be able to make myself understand what they are trying to tell me. I feel confident now to be able to respond. I really enjoyed this course and I will continue to practice”

“This course was enjoyable and a fun learning experience”

“I now feel confident to be able to approach someone who uses BSL. I feel able to understand simple instructions and give appropriate responses. Thank you so much for making the training interesting and fun, I feel I have learnt a lot in 10 hours!”

“After this course I feel I have more confidence dealing with a deaf tenant”

Deaf Awareness

“Very good, practical and informative course, I would love to do more”

“I enjoyed the whole day, the course was brilliant”

“After this course I definitely feel more confident in my approach to communication with Deaf individuals”

“Very good training session, the trainers have a brilliant relationship and this supports the learning process”

“Brilliant, Fantastic course I am now more confident to be able to communicate with basic BSL. I highly recommend this course, I learnt so much”

“I work in a customer focused environment for my local council so this awareness is invaluable”

“After this training I will definitely try and communicate with any deaf people I come across. I have gained more confidence to ‘have a go’ – Really enjoyed this training, lots of interaction and practical activities. “

“Fully enjoyed the course, I now have a better understanding of people with hearing difficulties, I feel more comfortable, confident and less awkward”


“I hope to use what I have learnt as part of my job. However I feel the awareness I have now about difficulties deaf people face will help me both professionally and personally”

“Fantastic thank you very much. I would highly recommend to other professionals”

“I will keep practicing what I have learnt and be more aware of the difficulties deaf people face. This was an excellent course, I learnt so much!”

“I feel I will be able to use this knowledge with my clients as a support worker and my role as a counsellor. I am really interested in learning more”

“I will use sign in the groups I run. It’s a good starting block for learning more signs to be able to be more inclusive of families we meet. I feel more confident in being able to communicate with deaf/hard of hearing families”

“I am going to use the alphabet with my class of Pre-Schoolers. This was a very valuable experience and I have learnt a lot, thank you”


“Thank you so much for putting on the Deaf Awareness/BSL course this week.  It was illuminating and enjoyable, and also quite challenging – in a good way!  The material was really brought to life by the excellent instructor and translator, Sofia and Chloe, and it made a huge difference to have a deaf teacher. “


“This course has enabled me to be more confident in speaking to people with hearing problems or who are Deaf. It has also encouraged me to think of the barriers that a Deaf person may face if they were a service user at this organisation and how I would support them.”

“Very beneficial and would like to continue if possible. “

“I now have confidence to hold a conversation with older people I work with that are Deaf or sign. “

“I found learning about statistics, such as the number of Deaf people and interpreters useful and enjoyable. “