Disability Awareness Training

“The course gave me a better insight, allowed me to feel more confident when approaching someone with an obvious disability and someone with hidden disabilities. All aspects of the course were brilliant, informative and very useful”

“This course has given me a better understanding about how people who have disabilities may wish to be treated. No different than anyone else wants to be treated. The term ‘Label jars not people’ really stuck with me!”

“This course has increased my awareness around the different types of disabilities and increased my confidence to deal with them”

Youth Mental Health First Aid 


“Thank you, this course will be very useful to our project and our community, more of this please”

“I found the course really rewarding and beneficial. Being in college, I have (and in the past) experienced loosing friends to suicide, friends being self harmers – I now feel confident in dealing with this”

“Excellent course it has given me a great insight into youth mental health with information and the appropriate support. Should be included in high school education, given the rise in incidents with young people”


“An enormous thanks for your work.  Our pastoral staff was rightly exhausted but very much powered-up by the two days training.  They now want regular meetings as a group where they avoid admin and focus on common problems and handling children’s issues – you made them into a team which was one of my desired outcomes!  Crucially, you have given them clear guidance on when to ‘let go’ and send for the experts” – Senior Deputy

“This course has provided me with the ability to perform better and be more confident with issues to do with mental health” – Head of Year


“Great course, I have learnt a lot. The exercises throughout the learning broke up the lesson to prevent boredom setting in and to reaffirm learning”

“Lots of useful information and tools regarding mental health, I am confident I can recognise signs & symptoms and provide good info and help a young person”


“I feel I am more aware of mental health problems and am now hoping to be more sensitive around the problems in question. I found the course very interesting and gained quite a lot of knowledge regarding metal health”

“This will definitely enhance my role in work and setting”

“The statistics were shocking; this was a big realisation for me, I didn’t realise it was such a common problem”

Mental Health First Aid


“Many thanks for the amazing course you ran and for passing on your enthusiasm…It was by far the best course I have been on for years!”

“Great course, really enjoyed it you were able to express your views and experiences”

“I loved it, thank you. I will tell my colleagues”

“5 stars, excellent course”


“Good use of different learning styles and approaches”

“The trainer was very knowledgeable, plus used personal examples and experiences”

“The thing that interested me was how this course also showed the impact of supporting individuals as a carer, friend or family member”


“This course has given me the tools to put this into everyday practice within my role at work, plus my personal life. It has made me want to learn more about mental health”

“This is the best course I have been on in a long time!”

“Very grounded presentation, informative and engaging – Thank you for an interesting two days”

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“I now feel more aware of signs and symptoms of mental ill health and feel more confident about dealing with it”

“I deal with mental illness in my job and now I feel more knowledgeable and confident to deal with any major incidents. I really enjoyed the course and the two days flew by, thank you”

“I have a few tenants with mental ill health – I feel more empowered with dealing with them even if it means I can’t fully solve their problems”


“The instructor was very informative, good pace, included everyone.”

“Really lovely instructor who kept my interest.”

“This course has taught me  to listen and be understanding. To know people can recover, it’s not always a lifetime illness.”



“Thanks – wow that is a lot of resources. Thanks so much for the course, I find mental health and wellbeing extremely interesting and really enjoyed the four sessions”

“I will use this course in my personal life and work as a volunteer. It was really valuable as it has increased my knowledge of mental health”

“Excellent course, not too heavy, did not shy away from any topics. Well presented and lots of information, thank you”


“I have learnt so much from the discussions in the room and lived experience of my peers. This course has really good content, I have lots of ideas and new skills that I can use in everyday life”

“The thing I found most useful from the course was how many people on the course have experienced people with mental-ill health. I now understand mental ill-health in more detail”

“MHFA has given me a good insight into how to deal with a person experiencing from psychological trauma. The whole course was useful, interesting and enjoyable”


 “All of the course had impact on my job role, especially symptoms, self-help informant. I feel I am able to put this into action”

 “I feel that personally and working knowledge has been enhanced and build on with this course. I am now more aware of specific elements of mental health

 “This was a very informative course with good content. Good activities to aid learning, plenty of opportunities to discuss and reflect on experiences

Mental Health First Aid Lite


“This awareness course has made me think about my approach when working with people with ill mental health, I now know I need to be more open and confident in asking difficult questions”

“I know have more resources and tools to work with people, but I now also know where I can signpost to professional services”

“It has given me a better understanding into the scale of mental health issues, how different people cope/ deal with everyday life and issues and peoples coping skills are very different. Very informative and helpful”

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“The course was very enjoyable and informative. I have learnt that empathy and openness to discuss mental health goes a long way. I would recommend the course to others”

“The instructor made everything seem easy to understand and the video’s and practical exercise around relating to personal experiences gave me a better understanding”

“This course has given me a great resource to refer to at anytime, it was very interesting and valuable information, I think this course would fit as an educational tool for younger ages” 

Mental Health Awareness Training (Lite)


“This course is very interactive, the video’s are very good and help you to gain an insight. I now know that openness and being more willing to discuss mental health with a person really helps”

“Personally some of the tools provided in this training I will use”

“The tutor was great, she made this subject very interesting and very personal. The topic was brought alive and pitched at the right pace”