Ken’s Story


Ken was employed full time for nearly 13 years at Remploy, Burnley. Following the closure of the factory he found himself made redundant and out of work. Ken attended our Connect Project in Burnley every Friday, which provided a regular meeting point for him and 18 of his colleagues.



Before he joined Access Ability ….

.. Ken has always been a confident individual and worked throughout his life is some way or other. After being made redundant this time he felt that his age as well as his disability would be a barrier and would make it difficult to gain employment in the mainstream sector.

Progress he has made…

… during his time at the Connect Project Ken has engaged in a variety of training, health initiatives and leisure opportunities. Which have encouraged him to try new things as well as developing his ICT skills, which has been a big learning curve as Ken is naturally practically minded. On developing his new ICT skills, Ken then wanted to set up his own online business selling fishing spinners, a hobby that Ken has been doing in his spare time for years. Using Access Ability’s past knowledge of working with an ex-Remploy employee at the Bolton Factory with a similar venture, we thought it would be more beneficial to both individuals for Dave one of our first success stories to peer support Ken help set up his own ecommerce business.

Working in collaboration with his Personal Caseworker JCP and Dave from the Bolton Factory has made Ken’s transition from being made redundant into self employment and temporary paid work, a positive and supported experience. Without the regular communication, training, 1-2-1 support and enthusiasm from all this may not have been possible.

Through funding received from the Community Support Fund (CSF) this has supported and enabled Ken to access his personal budget for ICT equipment to set up his own online business, specific one-to-one training, attend several interviews, access local relevant services and well being activities as well as gain paid temporary employment.

 Ken said, “Access Ability has helped me a heck of a lot. They have provided me with the help, support and guidance to gain temporary employment, access new training opportunities, help setting up my own online business which I never thought I would have the confidence and knowledge to do.”

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