Meet our volunteers – James

James currently helps in our group sessions as well as the ICT and walking project and around the office. We spoke to him about why he volunteering;

Photo of James

Why did you start volunteering?

To help people and to keep busy and because I like the staff as they are very
friendly and helpful.  As well, they are really kind and understanding.

What did you get out of volunteering (skills, experience)?

Skills to aid a large variety of people along with improving my confidence. 

Would you recommend volunteering to anyone?

Yes because people will get something out of it and it is beneficial to myself and the people around. It also stops me from being bored.  

Where are you now?

I am still currently volunteering at Access Ability CIC and Level 1 Health and Social Care at Blackburn College.

What are your plans for the future?

To continue improving my skills and experience in an effort to gain a job in the similar role.