Intergenerational Dance Project


The craze of Strictly Come Dancing inspires young people to begin an activity that is fun, which prior to this show they may never have considered. Using this positive influence we will provide an activity for young and old alike (families) that delivers with solutions to key risk factors and has positive health benefits to those involved.

Our key aim of the project is to create a cross generational link/family approach between age groups, that outside of an activity like this would have very little contact or activities in common. All the individuals from the school / community groups who have participated will then be invited to a showcase celebration event to complete the project. The aim is to encourage all to learn new skills, dispel any negative perceptions, create stronger relationships between family members, teachers, etc, health and wellbeing benefits and build on understanding each other needs.

The sessions are bespoke to the location, individuals and group capabilities. Our sessions are fully inclusive around disabilities and additional needs.

To support the intergenerational element of the project and family learning, the young person’s family members, teachers and support staff are all invited to attend a number of sessions as well as the celebration event. Individuals will be trying easy paced beginners Latin & Ballroom dancing within an accessible location, learn the skill of listening and artistically interpreting music.

The project is led by a highly experienced tutor and our Healthy Lifestyle Specialist who has led projects like this is close by districts to meet the aims of a local music and performing arts venue as well as local NHS priorities in and out school environments, as well as indirect outcomes of obesity rates and rural isolation successfully for young people.

This project allows connection with young people and supports family learning which will have a positive impact on behaviour and educational attainment, promoting health behaviours in a fun and interactive way.

One of our projects being run locally is being supported and funded by the Ernest Cook Trust.

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