The project has been designed for Deaf and disabled individuals who are currently unemployed, especially long term unemployed.

This project is particularly looking at overcoming isolation, social exclusion and personal barriers for the individuals residing within the local areas. Initiatives such as this allow individuals to access a supportive and encouraging learning environment, which will see positive outcomes that will increase confidence and self esteem. As well as learning skills that will increase their employability for potential local employers.

We provide a variety of outdoor sessions, which are fully accessible and inclusive. The sessions encourage group work; improving confidence and communication, as well as providing individual and team challenge activities for Deaf, disabled, or long term unemployed individuals. Led by experienced outdoor instructors and specialist employability tutors, this will provide employability skills with a difference.

Initial 1:1 consultations take place at the local Job Centre and then referred to Access Ability. Working with the individual we develop an Individual Action Plans (IAP), which is updated throughout the project. The IAP supports and utilises the Person Centred Planning approach we adopt at Access Ability.