Finding My Way Success

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Congratulations to everyone who has completed our latest Finding My Way course. During the fifteen weeks, attendees took part in a range of activities that helped them to create individual action plans, increase their skills and confidence as well as being able to meet like-minded people.

Here is what people had to say:

 “I enjoyed the course because it helped to plan my future, learn new skills, gain confidence, socialise with others and (hopefully) get prepared to eventually find work.”

– Martin

“I thought the course was very informative and I learned a lot of difficult things and found the staff very helpful.”

– Andrew

 “Very friendly staff, made to feel very welcome. Found the course very helpful. Enjoyed meeting new people.”

– Debra

 “I enjoyed the course and meeting different people and the activities we did. The staff were helpful and nice.”

– Anthony

 “Excellent. Cool. Fantastic. Wicked.”

– Karen

 “The course is so cool, I loved every minute of it.”

– Steven

 “Really enjoyed the course and meeting people. The staff were great.

– Berney

 “Fabulous course as usual, thoroughly enjoyed it. Friendly staff, a fabulous experience and very helpful to gaining employment. ‘Smile and the world smiles with you.’”

– Julie Anne
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If you’re interested in finding out more about our courses, or how we can help you or someone you know, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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