Mitch’s Story

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My name is Mitch and I suffer from physical and mental health conditions which are osteoporosis, asthma, depression, anxiety, mild personality disorder and a negative mindset.

Before I did the course and started volunteering at Access Ability I was unemployed and felt I was unemployable.  I had no interest in anything, frightened of not being listening to so kept to myself and turned friends away.  My house was very untidy and dirty.

Doing the course and volunteering I had to make the effort to get ready. Because of this I started showing more interest in my appearance, my home, in life and started to feel some self-worth and made a few good friends.

Now I’m working as an Apprentice and doing Business Admin and English at Blackburn College all because of the people at Access Ability convinced me to volunteer.  Now I’m feeling a lot more confident, not as frightened of situations and people.  Osteoporosis is a lifelong condition and will get worse, but I am prepared for that.  The rest of the problems has been reduced so I can cope with them better and positive about my future.